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The Fluffball, The Madman, and The Dragoness
           It was an ordinary day in Hudson National Park, at least, it was ordinary for me. Considering most of the forest was covered in apples and plates of pasta, things were out of the ordinary for the typical park passerby. Of course, nobody minded, free food is still free food. Meanwhile, as the hungry denizens of the park began to collect armfuls of apples, I was relaxing by an apple tree; watching as my best buddy approached me. Glenn and I were sort of like a cat and a dog somehow befriending each other. We were of different races, species, Hell; one would wonder how Glenn, a European; managed to befriend me, a creature not even from this world! Then again, I consider myself American, since I’ve lived here for around… Three thousand-
                   “If I’m not interrupting your reminiscing…” Glenn murmurs and gently smacks the back of my head. “You dra
:iconunknownshapeshifter:UnknownShapeshifter 1 33
Find me a... (Roleplay Prompt)
After another boring day, or at least it felt like a boring day, in your life; you decided to surf the web for something fun to do. After a few minutes of watching random videos and playing random flash games you stumbled upon a strange link. Unlike most virus-links r advertisements, this link was not only flashing, but also GLOWING as well... Astonished by this strange link, you decided to click on it...
You were redirected to a website similar to Google, only it was titled "Find me a..." A text box was underneath the title, probably for you to type in just what you wanted to find. The question is, what exactly do you want to find?
Find me an adventure!
Find me a friend!
Find me a lover!
Find me a family!
Find me a home!
Find me a... (Whatever you desire.)
:iconunknownshapeshifter:UnknownShapeshifter 3 4,742
Ali's Trainer Card (Updated) by UnknownShapeshifter Ali's Trainer Card (Updated) :iconunknownshapeshifter:UnknownShapeshifter 3 427
Hope. It’s what fueled rebellions through decades. It’s what gives people to fight back against tyrannical leaders.  It’s the only thing we have left in this war-torn country. For years now we’ve been deployed in this terrorist controlled country. Weeks have passed where food was scarce and water was a blessing. The only thing we could do in Afghanistan, was empty every last damn bullet we had into insurgents. Our hope wasn’t towards coming back home, where we could sleep without fear of being killed or captured. It was aimed towards the day we would finally liberate Afghanistan. To finally eliminate the terrorist organizations, and to finally make the world a safer place, for Afghans and Americans alike.
[December, 14th 2014. Time: 12:20 Universal Time.] It’s been a few years since NATO have finally decided on an action to finally withdraw us troops from Afghanistan. Terrorism seems to have decreased after the assassination of ‘Ladin shoc
:iconunknownshapeshifter:UnknownShapeshifter 5 706
A Day at the Beach
 I never asked to go to the beach, or to go surfing, or to go on this vacation with my cousins. When I tried to decline this invitation, my mother gave me a look that changed my mind. My cousins were made for the beach, Charles with his muscular, tan body, and Jessica with her well toned fit stature. I was their foil, a medium build and a rather pale body. It's no wonder I was sent here in the first place.
I looked over at the vast ocean, the ocean seemed to call to me, but a dorsal fin in the distance told me different. "C'mon Alex! Stop being a wimp!" Charles shouts. "He's not gonna do it, he's too wimpy..." Jessica smirks. Now I had to do it, or I'd face a string of insults the entire way back.
 I began to wade into the freezing cold water,  placing my surfboard in front of me. I started paddling towards the smallest wave I could find. I looked over my shoulder to see my cousins placing bets on whether I would survive or not.
I slowly looked back towards where I was p
:iconunknownshapeshifter:UnknownShapeshifter 8 29
Fantasia Character: Takeo
Fantasia Character: Takeo
Name: Takeo Zuru
Notable Titles: Pathetic Scourge
Race: Human
Gender: Male
- Eye Color: Brown
- Hair Color: Black
-Typical Clothing: Navy blue trousers, torn up black shirt, brown leather jacket, and a pair of worn leather boots. An outfit that distinguishes him from the common people of his species.
-Height: 6’3”
-Other: Somewhat tan skin, and an abundance of scars of his body. He rarely speaks of how he got them.
Equipment: Takeo has very few things of value, a simple steel sword and an iron knife. He really cannot afford anything else.
Abilities: Due to his lack of attention in his childhood, Takeo used his loneliness to his advantage. He practiced hearing, watching, sneaking, smelling, in other words, he heightened his senses.
Defining Characteristics: No matter where he goes, or what he’s doing, Takeo always has an apple with him. Whenever he is asked why he simply replies: “An apple a day, keeps Death away?”
:iconunknownshapeshifter:UnknownShapeshifter 2 216
Wanschepsel-Academy Application
Name: Kage no Akuma
Gender: Male
Species: Werefox
Age: 16
Height: 6'1"
Weight: Medium
Traits: Silent, shy, overprotective, multiple personalities.
Year: Sophomore.
Residence: Crystal Lake, a large body of water surrounded by a forest.
Backstory: Kage was always the weakest piece of the pack. The one who lagged behind in the hunts, who befriended what he was supposed to eat. Eventually he grew tired of being picked on. After a heated argument with his brother, Hikari, Kage ran away from his pack, and left Crystal Lake. He managed to survive on his own in Steamshift City, off discarded food in trash cans. Eventually he found something that might change his life for the better. A discarded invitation to Wanschepsel Academy. He quickly wrote up an application with a broken pencil. That is how Kage managed to get inside. At least, that's how he tells his story.
:iconunknownshapeshifter:UnknownShapeshifter 2 298
Error Message Destined Meeting. by UnknownShapeshifter Error Message Destined Meeting. :iconunknownshapeshifter:UnknownShapeshifter 7 1,717
Happy Fourth of July.
“Happy Fourth of July! :iconfireworksplz:”  “Oh God, what did I just do?” I thought to myself as I finished writing my journal on DeviantART and submitted it. “My brother is drawing something, my sister well, she is making an error I suppose? And what did I do? Nothing! I promised that I’d make something special for the 4th of July, but what do I have to show for it? A horrible empty promise, which by sure will disappoint those who browse my profile who hunger for my Roleplay Errors and such.” I mutter under my breath and reread my journal yet again. “Well, it’s not like anyone actually reads my journals?” I chuckle to myself and place my hand on my laptop mouse. I then moved my cursor around my laptop screen until it found its goal, the inbox button.
“I wonder what other people are doing for their special 4th.” I ask myself as I began to reply to Roleplay stacks and Roleplays on notes. When I finish with what I ca
:iconunknownshapeshifter:UnknownShapeshifter 0 7
Tales of the lost. by UnknownShapeshifter Tales of the lost. :iconunknownshapeshifter:UnknownShapeshifter 6 3,220 ShadowHeart by UnknownShapeshifter ShadowHeart :iconunknownshapeshifter:UnknownShapeshifter 1 38
Jack Cupcakes Stormbringer, Roleplay for Kelacao.
Your deviantART Username : Unknown Shapeshifter
Name of Character : Jack Cupcakes Stormbringer
Age of Character : 18
Date of Birth of Character : October 31st
Gender of Character : Male
Height / Length of Character : 6'6"
Weight of Character : 176
Skin Tone / Color of Character : A dark, tan skin tone. (Tan furred when transformed, pink paw-pads.)
Eye Color of Character : Dark shade of purple.
Body Type of Character : Average
Hair Color of Character : Dark black.
Hair Style of Character : Straight and part of it covers the left eye.
Tops Worn by Character : Black t-shirt, brown leather jacket, blue sweatshirt, black jacket. Steel chest plate, purple sleeveless shirt. Assassin robes. Russian military top.
Bottoms Worn by Character : Navy blue jeans, torn up blue jeans, beige shorts, black sweat pants. Steel leggings. Assassin robes. Russian military bottom.
Footwear Worn by Character : Steel boots, black tennis shoes, blue Velcros, and a pair of Nike cleats. Mi
:iconunknownshapeshifter:UnknownShapeshifter 2 62
Zyphere Huras,Application.
Name: Zyphere Huras
Location: Ravenlijn
Class: Lower class
Status: Single
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Race: Neko
Hair: Black
Eyes: Crimson
Birthday: October 31st
Physical Description:A pretty average height and weight for his age, Zyphere has dark tan skin, which somewhat brings out his crimson eyes. He usually wears dark robes, preferably black, often times however, he wears his torn jeans, a somewhat ripped up t-shirt, and some worn out boots. Black cat ears and a black eye tail, revealing that he is a neko. His face is somewhat angular like a cat's,sometimes people even think he has whiskers. His facial features are rarely seen, for nearly everywhere he goes, he puts up a hood to shadow his face.
Personality: He usually stays away from others, he acts tough and cool on the outside. Trying to be brave around others, but truly, he is quite cowardly and shy. He has a terribly hard time making friends, the reason he wears robes and a hood, is so people don'
:iconunknownshapeshifter:UnknownShapeshifter 1 8
UnknownShapeshifter Human Form. by UnknownShapeshifter UnknownShapeshifter Human Form. :iconunknownshapeshifter:UnknownShapeshifter 2 117 My OC. by UnknownShapeshifter My OC. :iconunknownshapeshifter:UnknownShapeshifter 1 1,028
Roleplay message. Welcome to your world.
                Roleplay message.
You wake up,floating in the air? No...Your floating in outer space! Surprisingly,you can breath,but what can you do? There's no sign of your planet anywhere! Your saved however,as a hooded figure floats up in front of you. "My name is unknown, you don't need to know it." He gives you some sort of sphere. "I'm giving you a new life. Make your world, yourself,and everything else. You will lose memories soon afterwards. Do not abuse this power ,or I will appear once more, and send you to oblivion..." He soon vanished,leaving you alone with the sphere. What should you create?
1. Your choice.
2.Your choice.
3. Your choice.
:iconunknownshapeshifter:UnknownShapeshifter 8 4,061


Birthday Fluff by CuteLittleNightmare Birthday Fluff :iconcutelittlenightmare:CuteLittleNightmare 32 14 A Small Problem by Alef-GP A Small Problem :iconalef-gp:Alef-GP 25 3 Gumdrop's Playtime by CuteLittleNightmare Gumdrop's Playtime :iconcutelittlenightmare:CuteLittleNightmare 29 7 Cute Friendly Giantess by CuteLittleNightmare Cute Friendly Giantess :iconcutelittlenightmare:CuteLittleNightmare 22 30 Imminent NahNoms by CuteLittleNightmare Imminent NahNoms :iconcutelittlenightmare:CuteLittleNightmare 18 31 StupidFox - 154 by SilentReaper StupidFox - 154 :iconsilentreaper:SilentReaper 3,754 177 Fairy Bellies: Now with free wifi! by CuteLittleNightmare Fairy Bellies: Now with free wifi! :iconcutelittlenightmare:CuteLittleNightmare 50 55 Educational Material by RakkuGuy Educational Material :iconrakkuguy:RakkuGuy 3,516 649 Pan + Pour by Gabasonian Pan + Pour :icongabasonian:Gabasonian 1,092 165 Apex Predsheep by CuteLittleNightmare Apex Predsheep :iconcutelittlenightmare:CuteLittleNightmare 26 3 Festive Gumdrop (Merry Christmas!) by CuteLittleNightmare Festive Gumdrop (Merry Christmas!) :iconcutelittlenightmare:CuteLittleNightmare 7 16 Undertale: Relatable by Avielsusej Undertale: Relatable :iconavielsusej:Avielsusej 526 127 Santa Sparky by saber-th Santa Sparky :iconsaber-th:saber-th 56 48 Core Membership by MistDapple Core Membership :iconmistdapple:MistDapple 776 265 StupidFox - 141 by SilentReaper StupidFox - 141 :iconsilentreaper:SilentReaper 2,955 183 Final Boss Fidget by CuteLittleNightmare Final Boss Fidget :iconcutelittlenightmare:CuteLittleNightmare 24 68


by ShAcKmO

Marvelous, simply marvelous! But, as Frofrokacho has said, there IS in fact a one-hundred word minimum! So I will see what else I can t...



Well, I got tagged by :iconim-the-man-guy: a while back, and he seems really eager to know the results of this tag, so... Uh... Here we go?

1. What is your Favorite Brand Of Chocolate?
Hershey's Milk Chocolate.

2. Have you ever been on an airplane recently?

3. When was the last time your showered?
This morning.

4. What is your favorite shade of yellow?

5. Do you consider yourself stupid, smart or average? 
Above average.

6. What is your favorite shade of Green?
...Grass green?

7. What is your dream car?
A Ferrari. 

8. Look outside, Is it Clear, Cloudy or Raining/Snowing? 

9. Hot dogs or Hamburgers or None?

10. What is your favorite thing about Thanksgiving? 

11. Have you ever been in a fight recently. 

12. Do you play Undertale? (It's the HIT game out there.)
I PLAYED Undertale, I don't play it anymore.

13. Is School a drag? 
Most definitely.

I think I tagged enough people yesterday, so I won't bother torturing more today... Mainly 'cause I'm lazy and can't be bothered to come up with my own questions, sorry Mr.Pineapple! 


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United States
My name is UnknownShapeshifter,pretty obvious,I prefer to be called Nova,just adds a nice ring to it.
I love to roleplay,draw,read,write,and socialize.

Roleplay:I can roleplay from simple sentences, to full on paragraphs. I truly can roleplay any genre as long as I receive some background on the concept. Just not interested in the more...Dirty/Mature content... I'm more of a clean person, I'm only good around the clean vore idea,anything else needs to be explained a little to me.

Drawing:I can draw somewhat,not the best artist,but I can do what I do,but only if people request for me to draw it. I may post a drawing as an example soon,but I am not making any promises.

Reading:I love to read,absolutely adore reading. Mostly around the fantasy and animal involving genres. I mostly like to read stories involving furry creatures such as canines,felines,and a few rodents. (This includes furries/anthros,as long as it contains clean content.)

Writing:I can write poems,short-stories,and a few other pieces of literature. My main abilities lie in stories of love,family,and animals. I may begin to write a story about anthros/furries; (Still confused on the concept.) sooner or later. Just a few warning; my grammar isn't the best,I may make quite a few mistakes from time to time,I appreciate a few nudges in the right direction,but please don't push me over for mistaking a "to" for a "two."

Socializing:I'm pretty good at socializing with others,mostly when they like the same things I do. Most times,I'm shy around a crowd of people,I usually do well in groups if a person coaxes or drags me in. I usually socialize roleplay-wise,but other times I just chat. One final thing,I can be a very odd person,for example: Random one second,formal the next. Happy,then depressed. Stupid,then wise. I'm a guy who can do things in the opposite direction with great ease. Heck,if I wanted to,I could roleplay as a girl. Only if I wanted to though.

That's about it,I'll explain much more later.

Profile picture belongs to Mizzi-Cat.

DA Family:

Sisters: :iconcoop500: :iconbabypandu:


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